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  • Spam via the USPS

    I get so much mail from Clearwire, and I don’t really know why.  It would seem to me that if I don’t respond to their mail and advertisements the first forty times they send it, they should stop pestering me. Honestly, I get around 3-5 pieces of mail via the USPS from them per week.  […]

  • Blocking spam referrers

    I’ve noticed through my website statistics program (I use Mint, thankyouverymuch), and I’ve noticed a couple of referrers that are suddenly referring a ton of hit to my website. I as curious what I did to attract these guys, so I peeked in my Apache logs a bit, and headed over to their website to […]

  • Spam on Mailing Lists

    Argh. I hate spam. I run a few mailing lists on my system, mostly for college alumni and such, and I’m tired of having to deal with moderation requests to grow various parts of my anatomy. I stumbled across [this site](http://www.jamesh.id.au/articles/mailman-spamassassin/) which talks about how to integrate mailman and spamassassin. Good stuff. Now I just […]

  • I hate web spam…

    I really hate web spam. Since I used to run [Movable Type](http://www.sixapart.com/movabletype) here, lots of spammers used to hit up /mt/mt-tb.cgi and /mt/mt-comments.cgi to try to auto-spam my blog. I’ve been running [Wordpress](http://www.wordpress.org/) for (checks archives) nearly 3 months now, and I’m still seeing it. Today, I was checking out my [Mint](http://www.haveamint.com/) statistics, and I […]

  • Crazy New 419 Spam

    Just got this new variant of 419 spam: From: Michael Ramsey Subject: RE URGENT Dear Friend, Good day to you. I may have to trouble your sense of personal achievement and reward for an opportunity properly taken advantage of. I am Mr. Michael Ramsey, a representative and an attorney to Kenneth Lay, the former chairman […]

  • installing anti-virus software

    This document serves to remind me later what steps I took to get anti-virus software up and running on my FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE-p1 system. I'm using the stock sendmail 8.12.9 that comes with FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE (by my count it's at roughly patchlevel 2..) I also plan to only use one copy of the MTA rather than […]