SCUBA Trip to Lake Bryan

So, some friends lost a sail boat rudder in Lake Bryan a few weeks ago, so some friends (Jeff, Marc, Brad, Phil, and Zach) and I decided to conduct a salvage dive operation.

Jeff has a pretty good writeup here about the dive, but he failed to mention the carrying of scuba gear about half-a-mile down a road. And when Jeff said it was dark in the lake, he wasn't kidding. I bought a new dive light that was the brightest carried by the local SCUBA shop since I knew it would be murky; if I went down 10' deep, held the light at arm's length and pointed it back at myself, I could not see any evidence of a light in front of me.

I have found a new respect for the blind.

yay for vacation

Well, I finally took a real vacation. Loaded up the gear and flew down to Belize for a week of beaches and SCUBA diving. Was very relaxing: just what I needed after finishing 11 hours of class this summer (oh, I passed Electrical/Optical Physics without taking the final!) and before starting up with 17 hours of class this upcoming fall. I'll be worn out by the end of it for sure.

I bought an underwater housing for Diann's digital camera to bring to Belize for SCUBA diving and took just under 400 pictures (well, I took more, but only 400 were worthwhile). They're online for your perusal. Vacations: I highly recommend them™.

I had something I was going to make a really long rant about here, but I forgot, so this will have to do now.

long time, no nitrogen

mmm, nitrogen in the blood stream. Haven't been scuba diving in years, so before the Belize vacation this summer I decided I needed a refresher. Jeff and I went to the Blue Lagoon just east of Huntsville and did some practice diving. I almost forgot how relaxing it was to dive.

In other news, I got a SliMP3. This box rules, and I have to plug it. It's a piece of technology that does what it promises, and does it extraordinarily well.