Tag: privacy

  • Shame on you, MTV

    About two years ago, I opened up an URGE subscription account.  $15 per month for an all-you-can-eat music service was too good to pass up.  About a year ago, when I bought my Zune, I closed my URGE subscription account and that was that. Today, I got an e-mail from URGE.  "Odd," I thought to…

  • Credit Card Applications

    Found this gem on a privacy-related mailing list at work today. Holy cow! I really need to start using the shredder to destroy those credit card apps that come in the mail.

  • Identity Theft, Credit Reporting, etc.

    Had breakfast with a few colleagues this weekend and we're all privacy-intrigued people, and we ended up talking about the whole ChoicePoint fiasco a few weeks back. Well, I'm reading the news today and stumble across this article talking about how Equifax will be highlighting their “Credit Watch” product, a kind of insurance/notification system of…