Oil Changes and Wireless, redux

So, much like [last time](http://www.marius.org/2007/05/02/oil_changes_and_wireless.php), I’m getting the oil changed (this time at [Michael’s Toyota](http://www.michaelstoyota.com/) for the Prius), and they’ve got wireless, which lets me get some work and web-browsing done. (This is probably the 6th time this week I’ve reached the [end of the internet](http://www.shibumi.org/eoti.htm))

Great that they have wireless, it’s open (no WEP), but did require an Aruba Networks login with their guest account and password. The downside is that they only allow outbound http/https, and no [SSH](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ssh). Booo.

On Fuel Economy

So, Diann and I recently moved, and while the routes to and from work are largely the same for me, I start off on a different section of Highway 520 now. The Prius now averages only about 43 miles/gallon due to the change in road characteristics.

Here's the sad thing: I just said it above, and Diann made this exact comment earlier this week in the car — the Prius now averages only about 43 miles/gallon.

Only?!? Only 43? That's still really good, let's be honest. I guess we've gotten spoiled by fuel economy over 50.

Fuel Economy…

3 blog posts in one day.. A new record?

Anyway, I was reading MSNBC, and clicked on this article about Newsweek's “Versatile Mileage Misers” – the most economical cars for each of 10 different categories (they're defining economical purely by gas mileage – which, let's be honest, it's getting closer every day).

I'm glad to see that both cars we drive made the list (in very different categories: Hybrid and Medium SUV )