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  • Observing Weekend

    This weekend I was pleased to have been invited with a few other people to go spend a night at the Manastash Ridge Observatory in eastern Washington.  It’s about a 120 mile drive away from my house, and we headed out from the Seattle area around 11am on Saturday.  After arriving, we were treated to […]

  • Seattle Central Library Photostroll

    Today the Seattle area was greeted with good weather.  Of course, the local Flickr meetup group had pre-planned a photostroll that, of course, was inside. 🙂 We wandered about the downtown Seattle library for approximately 2 hours, taking pictures of the awesome architecture and colors of the building.  My photos are here. Also, got the […]

  • San Francisco for a Day

    Had to run to San Francisco for a one-day work trip this week.  Luckily, my work wrapped up a bit early and I was able to go act like a tourist for a bit.  Took a drive up to the Golden Gate Bridge, drove and hiked around the Marin Headlands, and had dinner with some […]

  • Lunar Eclipse

    Ok, so I’m a day or two late, but everyone else is posting pictures they took of the eclipse, so here’s mine: Taken with a Nikon D70 and 70-300mm lens, ISO400 for 4 seconds at f/5.6 from the 28th floor of Lincoln Square in Bellevue. Also while up there, I got a panoramic of the […]

  • Cold and on the ground

    According to Weather Underground, it’s currently 28°F outside.  It snowed a fair amount last night, and now the snow that thawed most of the day is turning to ice.  It’s been interesting watching people try to drive up the hill into our neighborhood. I heard tires spinning about 2 hours ago, so I decided to […]

  • Searching for: A digital photo frame

    So, I’m in the market for some digital photo frames, but can’t really find one that fits my needs. My thought is to be able to buy them as gifts for family in far off places (ignore voltage for a moment, converters are relatively cheap), and have them display pictures from my own RSS feeds. […]

  • Great Macro Pictures

    Via Boing Boing, I found this site full of “teeny-tiny people on top of food”. It's oddly cool. And oddly addicting to scroll through the pictures. Trés cool.

  • Nikon does the Right Thing – Publicly

    I wrote a few days ago about getting my Nikon D70 back from service, and said kudos to them for replacing the parts in my camera even though it is out of warranty. Well, seems that Nikon has publicly announced that they'll be replacing defective parts on D70's, D2h's, and F55's. The information is also […]

  • Photography To-Do List

    It's a short list, but I keep forgetting to do this: research color management devices for LCD/CRT monitors (to generate ICC profiles). On my shortlist: GretagMacbeth's Eye-One Color system ColorVision's Spyder2 system X-Rite's Optix XR system

  • powerful photojournalism

    Saw this picture on the news today. Very impressive and powerful photojournalism there.