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  • Steve Squyres Visits

    Yesterday at work, Steve Squyres came to give a talk to the company's research group, but anyone could attend. So, I quickly made sure my calendar wasn't booked at the time and immediately blocked it off so I could attend. Having just finished his book ( Roving Mars: Spirit, Opportunity, and the Exploration of the […]

  • nasa responds (not directly, but, well)

    Back in February I posted my nasa deep thought about why they didn't put blowers/wipers on the mars rovers… I got to ask one of the NASA scientists during a talk recently at Texas A&M, and then this morning I pull up CNN. There's an article about the rovers getting their lives extended. Then there […]

  • water on mars!

    According to NASA and JPL, there was, at one time, water on mars where the Opportunity landed! NASA press release here, CNN coverage here.

  • my nasa deep thought

    So, all the talk is that this heater problem on the Opportunity Martian rover will eventually cause problems because the solar panels onboard will become sufficiently dusty that they won't generate enough power to keep up with the drain of this malfunctioning 15W heater. My question: This rover is golf-cart sized, can rove around, take […]

  • free shrimp!

    From Space.Com's Astronotes from January 19th: An Ocean on Mars Puts Food in Your Gullet If we didn't have a reason to root for NASA's twin rover Mars missions before, we do now. The two robots could win free food for everyone in the United States if they can find evidence of ocean water on […]

  • congratulations, NASA!

    Congatulations to the folks at NASA! Opportunity is on Mars! Space.com coverage here