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  • technology, she is grand

    Imagine this: guy gets pulled over for expired car registration. Grabs cell phone, calls friend, registers car online. Avoids car towing. This is absolutely beautiful. (Thanks for the link, Micah) That is all for now.

  • so that was fun

    Well, that was fun.. Or not. For those of you not in the B/CS area, we just went through a 5 hour power outage. Not just a neighborhood outage, but both cities, as well as Texas A&M. The outage reportedly went all the way to Waco, and east to the Texas/Louisiana border. Crazy stuff. Local…

  • news anchors

    You've always wondered what news anchors are thinking about as they drone on about the same bit of news over and over and over again. Well, recently one of the Fox News anchors slipped up and gave us a little clue. Warning: It's almost not safe for work, and it's in Windows Media Player format.

  • you gotta take care of your own

    And this story proves it. My favorite part of the article? “I would have used a shotgun, but I had just had new countertops done and I didn't want to tear up the kitchen.” That cracks me up.