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  • Blockbuster Total Access Changes

    I use (and love) Netflix, but I’ve been following this whole hoopla about the changes that Blockbuster is doing with their Netflix competitor, Total Access.  I’ve also been trying to persuade my office-mate to ditch Blockbuster in favor of Netflix. I think I may have found the solution… Knowzy.com put up an article that outlines […]

  • Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World

    Diann & I snagged [Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World](http://www.netflix.com/Movie/Looking_for_Comedy_in_the_Muslim_World/70041165?trkid=203957) from Netflix. I’d like to take a moment to let Albert Brooks (the writer, director, and main actor) know something: I’m Norwegian, and it wasn’t funny to me either. We didn’t even get through the movie. Horrible. At least we watched all of [A […]

  • Shuffle the Netflix queue

    So, I wanted to shuffle my Netflix queue up, basically to spread the HD-DVD love around the queue instead of all in one block. I found this page with details on how to do it. Basically, you add this bookmarklet to your bookmarks (right-click on the link, and hit “Add to favorites”), and when you’re […]

  • Web Recommendations Systems

    So, I blogged previously about how I love Netflix's recommendations system, and it's a lot like Amazon's as well. I wonder why these sites (along with others that do recommendations) only mark things as recommended — why don't they tell me if I probably won't like something I'm looking at? I understand it in the […]

  • Netflix: Free Trial, Anyone?

    Got an e-mail from Netflix today saying that I could pass on a free month of Netflix to people that aren't currently Netflix customers. It says to forward the e-mails out to “friends & family”, so I figured I'd just re-post the URL here. Free month of Netflix;

  • Apple: What are they thinking?

    So, at this morning's Showtime Event Apple unveiled several things, most of which were expected. Notably absent: the rumored full screen video iPod. At any rate, one of the things they announced that people did expect was the ability to download movies from iTunes. Good idea, poor execution. You see, Apple set the price point […]

  • We’ve been Netflixed.

    Well, Diann & I signed up for Netflix last night. Drop me an e-mail if you're on it so I can expand my currently non-existant friends list. (Not that I know what the friends list is for, but let's face it: an empty friends list puts a frown on anyone's face.)