Last night’s Lost episode

Wow. So, the amazing thing to me about last night’s episode of Lost is that the writers of the show obviously had a lot of foresight two years ago when they were filming the opening sequences of the show. I don’t want to say anything more than that because I don’t want to release spoilers, but, wow.

No “Lost” till February

So, “Lost” is going to be offline until February 7. MSNBC has a good article up with viewer thoughts on why this is a good or bad thing. I love “Lost”, but I agree – 3 months is a long outage for a show this complex. And there's a bunch of things they didn't even mention in the first 6 episodes of this season from last season: what happened to the guys in the artic/Greenland/Siberia/whatever that detected the electromagnetic pulse?

Lost Season Premiere

Ok, so this week, Lost kicked up it's new season. Good show, as I expected – definitely some twists I didn't expect.

BUT GOOD GRACIOUS HOW CAN ABC FIT MORE COMMERCIALS IN THERE? Seriously, ABC… We all understand you've got a great show. Probably the most-watched show in it's timeslot. I didn't time it, but it seems to me that there had to be at least 25 minutes of commercials in there. One set of commercials was 4 minutes long! The first half of the show had a long commercial break EVERY 6 MINUTES.

Come on, we've waited how many weeks for Lost to start up again, and now we're missing out on it already because the commercials are getting in the way?