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  • At least they’re honest…

    My webhosting company sends out a monthly newsletter.  Unless most bits of marketing drivel that hit my inbox, I actually enjoy reading this one, because it’s typically hilarious.  An example from this month: 4.  New! Webmail Upgraded to 1.4.15! Of course, putting a ribbon on a turd doesn’t stop it being a turd. We’ve tried […]

  • Cleaning the Kitchen

    I hate cleaning the kitchen… Here’s a novel approach:   [via secondose.com]

  • Humor for the week

    The prior owner of our home left behind some massive carpets, so Diann posted them on Craigslist, and subsequently corresponded with a family that wanted to pick them up.  We scheduled a time, and it turned out that Diann had an event that night to attend.  Since Diann was out, I invited Stephen over to […]

  • In the presence of greatness

    About a year ago, [Stephen Hawking](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_hawking) was supposed to come to Seattle, and I got tickets. I was excited; not many times do you have a chance to be in the presence of such awesome knowledge. Unfortunately, he fell ill and wasn’t able to make the lecture. I fought TicketMaster to get my ticket refunded, […]

  • you gotta take care of your own

    And this story proves it. My favorite part of the article? “I would have used a shotgun, but I had just had new countertops done and I didn't want to tear up the kitchen.” That cracks me up.

  • Public Service Announcement

    Courtesy of Danny, here's the latest info in the continuing War on Terrorism: As we all know, the Taliban considers it a sin for a man to see a naked woman who is not his wife. So, next Saturday at 2:00 PM Eastern time all American women are asked to walk out of their house […]

  • The funniest story ever

    Today while idling on IRC, someone (Hey jss!) posted the funniest account of remote control randomness I've ever seen. Be ready to laugh, and read it here.