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  • 25x revenue is a company valuation? Huh?

    I was reading the article by Mark Evans that laid out how Flickr could have an independent valuation of $4 billion dollars.  He used a multiplier defined by Henry Blodgett in determining the value of Facebook: 25 times a company‚Äôs annual revenue is their valuation. Wow. I decided to apply this to a few other […]

  • GOOG: A daytrader’s delight

    So, I'm having an IM conversation with a buddy at work, and we inevitibly get to talking about the day's stock market activity. Quote of the day goes to Stephen, regarding GOOG stock: that stock is all over the place. It looks more like a heartbeat than a fund-owned security. at any given point today, […]

  • Will Google’s Pagerank collapse itself?

    So I'm cruising around town the other day, doing what I often do while I should be paying attention to the road — thinking. Google uses something they call Pagerank to rate website popularity based on how websites link to other websites. PageRank relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its […]

  • google rules

    Well, Google strikes again. I was ranting on IRC about how I wish I could just type in a FedEx or UPS tracking number into IE or Mozilla. Well, Bill pointed out that Google will take care of that for you. Brilliant! Yet another in the long list of why Google is the best search […]

  • orkut

    orkut is cool. Affiliated with the great Google, it's a friendster like thing that actually works, and it is responsive. Even after being slashdotted. Crazy, eh?