How times have changed

image I was going through some old digital photos recently (by old, I mean up to 6 years at max; let’s face it, that’s old for a digital photo) and stumbled across the photo there on the right of a gas station we stumbled across while in San Diego in March of 2003.

It was the first time that I had been to California and had to worry about putting gas in my own car, and I distinctly remember seeing the Chevron station and being amazed by the price.  I’m pretty sure that I handed Diann the camera and then made a (possibly illegal) u-turn to make sure we got a snapshot.  In my photo gallery, the caption for that picture is "Ye gads that is expensive gas".

Here we are, four-and-a-half years later, and I only wish I could get gas that cheap.  Current average price in my slice of the states is $3.16 for the "cheap" stuff.

On Fuel Economy

So, Diann and I recently moved, and while the routes to and from work are largely the same for me, I start off on a different section of Highway 520 now. The Prius now averages only about 43 miles/gallon due to the change in road characteristics.

Here's the sad thing: I just said it above, and Diann made this exact comment earlier this week in the car — the Prius now averages only about 43 miles/gallon.

Only?!? Only 43? That's still really good, let's be honest. I guess we've gotten spoiled by fuel economy over 50.

Tax by the Mile

From Monty comes an article about some states' plans to turn the gas-tax into a per-mile-driven tax. The reasoning is that hybrid cars drive the same amount, but pay less in gas-tax so the states lose money for road maintenance. I counter-argue that all those gas-guzzling H2's and such on the road will counter that.

At any rate, from the technology perspective, seems the guys at Oregon State University are helping to develop some of the technology to put this together. From the article:

Kim and fellow researcher David Porter at Oregon State University equipped a test car with a global positioning device to keep track of its mileage. Eventually, every car would need one.

Now, if this ever gets put into place, I really need to reconsider building that GPS Jammer.