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  • How times have changed

    I was going through some old digital photos recently (by old, I mean up to 6 years at max; let’s face it, that’s old for a digital photo) and stumbled across the photo there on the right of a gas station we stumbled across while in San Diego in March of 2003. It was the […]

  • On Fuel Economy

    So, Diann and I recently moved, and while the routes to and from work are largely the same for me, I start off on a different section of Highway 520 now. The Prius now averages only about 43 miles/gallon due to the change in road characteristics. Here's the sad thing: I just said it above, […]

  • Tax by the Mile

    From Monty comes an article about some states' plans to turn the gas-tax into a per-mile-driven tax. The reasoning is that hybrid cars drive the same amount, but pay less in gas-tax so the states lose money for road maintenance. I counter-argue that all those gas-guzzling H2's and such on the road will counter that. […]

  • gas prices that don’t stop

    looks like I'll be without legs soon if I have to keep refueling the Murano… (image from CNN)