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  • From MT to WP

    Well, I’ve been fiddling with WordPress for a while, and tonight I’ve bit the bullet and made the switch from Movable Type to WordPress. Since I had a heck of a time finding one site that had all the right steps, I’ve decided to document it here for posterity. My biggest challenge was that I […]

  • Does RSS make web layout irrelevant?

    So, I'm sitting here running through my daily ritual of reading RSS feeds, and I stumble upon this entry on Om Malik's blog. In it, he mentions it's been a busy week: they signed on some sponsors, had a party, and … launched a new look. Wait a minute, he launched a new look? I […]

  • hooray for movable type!

    So I've been working on ways to get my static pages into MT and have followed Brad Choate's instructions as far as creating a second blog to hold static content. So far, so good. But then came my problem: how to get data from the static blog categories into the main index on the normal […]

  • getting things back in order

    Well, I'm still working on getting things punched back in. The FreeBSD pages are back online, as are the Home Automation pages (albeit not much to see in the Home Automation section). I'm still trying to find some time (ha!) to do some HTML and CSS changes to the site to make things look a […]