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  • Stunning note on power usage

    Wow, I had no idea about this: Raise your hand if you knew that streetlamps accounted for 38 percent of all energy used on lighting in the USA. That’s amazing. (Side note: I’ve been mysteriously absent from the blog (and responding to a few emails that are hanging in the back of my inbox) the […]

  • Power – It’s a good thing

    As many people have blogged about in the past few days, the Seattle area got slammed with a massive windstorm last Thursday. Winds peaked out at 69mph at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and were clocked at 118mph near Mt. Rainier. We lost power at 5:51pm that night. I called [PSE](http://www.pse.com/) and was told we were the […]

  • Power Outage Notifications

    So, tonight at home, we had a multi-hour power outage. [side note: it really is boring without electricity] I called our electric company (Puget Sound Energy [S&P400: PSD]) to report the outage, just in case no one else had. I started off with a phone tree, that usually drive me nuts; PSE surprised me with […]