Coldplay Concert

Just walked back in the door from a Coldplay show for their Twisted Logic tour (Wikipedia reference with setlists, etc.). A fantastic show they put on; Chris Martin definitely brings a lot of energy to the show.

Tons of good references to Seattle in the concert, a few mentions of the upcoming Superbowl (Go Seahawks!). My favorite Seattle reference was during God Put a Smile Upon Your Face — instead of singing that, he sang “God put a Starbucks on every fucking corner in this place”. Got an excellent reaction from the crowd 🙂

Fiona Apple opened for them, playing for around an hour. I like a lot of her old stuff and some of her new stuff, but I will say she's better on CD than in person, in my opinion.

So, end story – go see the concert if they're coming to your town.

yay blue man!

Diann, Philip, Leigh, Dave and I went to the Blue Man Group concert in the Woodlands last night. They still crack me up, and the music was awesome to boot. Definitely recommend going to see it if their tour comes to your town. Well worth the money. And there were guys on the lawn seats dressed up as the BMG, but they were wearing red paint instead of blue.

Guess you had to be there, as I imagine all of you reading this not laughing.