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  • More Fun with Comcast

    I’m hereby dubbing Comcast the "masters of condescending customer service." About two weeks ago (November 26, in fact), I made the trek to our local Comcast office to drop off our HD-DVR and tell them to kill my cable TV service.  The lady at the store was friendly, took the HD-DVR, and gave me a […]

  • Comcast – I fought ’em so you don’t have to

    I’ve been spending the better part of the last half-hour trying to figure out Comcast’s digital cable packages and pricing.  Their website allows you to get a channel lineup so you can see which channels each package has, but doesn’t let you easily compare.  I decided to put them into an Excel spreadsheet to do […]

  • A tale of two customer service scenarios

    Since Diann & I are moving soon, I needed to call up all our utility companies and get services transferred.  My phone at work can report on who I recently called and the time that I spent on each call (to answer your question: I don’t think big brother is watching).  I noticed what I […]

  • The TiVo Dilemma

    I just sold my TiVo the other day. R.I.P. the TiVo. Anyhow, I didn't sell it because I didn't like it — quite the contrary. I loved the TiVo. It worked (well, most of the time — the IR link stuff just didn't cut the mustard some times) and did a great job recording suggestions […]