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  • What’s on your wifi?

    Things typically running on our home wifi: Xbox 360 Sony BDP-S580 Blu-ray player Nest Learning Thermostat My Phone (Samsung Focus) Diann’s Phone (Samsung Focus) Windows Home Server (HP MediaSmart LX195) Printer (Canon Pixma MX870) My work laptop (Dell Latitude E4300) Diann’s work laptop (Dell Latitude E4300) My home laptop (Macbook Pro – yes, it runs […]

  • Blu-ray, HD-DVD, what’s next?

    There’s no denying that fact that I’ve been an HD-DVD supporter since the format war started, and the day that Toshiba pulled the plug on the format, my brother-in-law ribbed me about not having a blog post on it yet. :)  Well, here’s that blog post, just a few weeks late. (disclaimer: as noted on […]