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  • iPod photo: Album Artwork Gone!

    Well, since updating to iTunes 4.7.1, I've noticed some peculiarities with my iPod photo — particularly, some songs show artwork, and others don't all of a sudden. Updated the iPod to make sure it wasn't something on the iPod, then restorted to a Google search. There it is, first hit: my solution.

  • Wishful Thinking: TODO List Entry for Steve Jobs

    Bluetooth module for iPod. Enough said. Now with my laptop, I've got USB to hookup the iPod, USB mouse, USB to sync my calendar/contacts into my cell phone.. The phone does Bluetooth, a bluetooth mouse would be a cheap addition. If I could just get bluetooth for the iPod, I'd be set. Oh, and for […]

  • some things just suck

    ok, so three posts in one day. Wow. But you've got to see this. I hope it's a joke, or a photoshop job. Ugh.