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  • Kudos, Amazon.com!

    Amazon recently (today?) launched what they’re terming “Frustration-Free Packaging.”  Basically, instead of getting things in the retail packaging, you get it in a brown box with plastic pillow packaging.  The number of things you can get in FFP isn’t high right now, but it’s a huge start. From their description of the FFP on a […]

  • Random Stat of the Day

    Like Jeremyah, I’m a big fan of random personal statistics.  Here’s one for today:  number of Amazon purchases I’ve made over time. First Amazon purchase for me?  September 17, 1999. (ps: does this graph remind anyone else of an obscene hand gesture?)

  • Transformers

    Just got e-mail from Amazon.  My HD-DVD copy of Transformers has shipped… Awesome.

  • Amazon Fresh: Delivery #2 (and iFatigue)

    We tried Amazon Fresh again today.  We’re throwing a fajita party this weekend, and I noticed that Amazon Fresh had really awesome prices on flank steak.  I scheduled the order this time for Thursday night between 8:00 and 9:00pm, as opposed to the Saturday morning delivery we had last time.  Groceries looked great again. Produce […]

  • Amazon Fresh: a test run

    A few weeks back, we were out and about around town, and I noticed a truck and storefront for Amazon Fresh.  I knew the coming-out date had to be close for my neighborhood, so I headed over their webpage to request an account. A few weeks later, I got an email saying that delivery was […]

  • Web Recommendations Systems

    So, I blogged previously about how I love Netflix's recommendations system, and it's a lot like Amazon's as well. I wonder why these sites (along with others that do recommendations) only mark things as recommended — why don't they tell me if I probably won't like something I'm looking at? I understand it in the […]

  • Apple: What are they thinking?

    So, at this morning's Showtime Event Apple unveiled several things, most of which were expected. Notably absent: the rumored full screen video iPod. At any rate, one of the things they announced that people did expect was the ability to download movies from iTunes. Good idea, poor execution. You see, Apple set the price point […]

  • As Seen on TV!

    So, being a relatively tech-savvy person geek and a child of the 80's and 90's, I remember seeing those ads on TV where you could call a number, order something, pay “just three easy installments of $19.95 plus shipping and handling” and have it in “four to six weeks”. Now, this being the 21st century […]