Month: February 2009

  • A brief interlude

    I decided to take a count of how many pages the last nearly 9 years of Playboy magazines have been.  Makes for an interesting chart: I think it’s interesting to see it declining over time (the black line is a linear trendline).  If I’d had more time, interest, or data, I’d try to correlate to…

  • Xbox Live Milestone: 30,000 gamerscore

    Just over 2 years ago I crossed the 10,000 mark.  Yesterday, I hit 30,000. The achievement that put me over the top? One Bad Gato from COD: World at War.

  • Wells Fargo corporate trips to Vegas

    In the last few weeks, I’m really surprised to read this article.  Wells Fargo, which has received approximately $25 billion dollars in federal funds, is “planning a series of corporate junkets to Las Vegas casinos this month” for some of the company’s “top mortgage officers”.  The best part of this is the explanation a Wells…