Month: September 2008

  • News blurb failure

    As seen moments ago on MSNBC.  I know why they delayed the shuttle launch, but reading that blurb would make most people wonder what’s up.   Seriously – they’re gonna go fix it, but it breaks more, so we’ll fix it later.

  • Weird Twitter failure

    I guess it could be something with our proxy systems at work, but I suspect not – as twitter is the only site giving me problems. I don’t know if this is better or worse than the fail whale.

  • Lay off McCain/Palin?

    From MSNBC: McCain’s campaign on Wednesday angrily called for an end to questions about its review of Sarah Palin’s background, deriding a “faux media scandal designed to destroy the first female Republican nominee” for vice president. Don’t get me wrong here – I agree with what Obama said last week – family is off-limits, and…

  • Goldendale Star Party

    This weekend, a few members from the Seattle Astronomical Society held an unofficial star party out near Goldendale, WA.  Since I didn’t get the chance to take on the Table Mountain Star Party a few weeks back, I was determined to make this event.  It was an easy sell on the homefront as well, what…