Trying something a bit different

The car is packed (camping gear, bikes, telescopes), days off work are scheduled, and the route is planned.

Diann & I are taking a long weekend and heading out of town. Posting will be non-existent. 🙂

But wait!  I am going to try something out.  I signed up with Qik, a service that you can stream video to the Internet from your cell phone.  I think I’m going to periodically post updates from the road, ferries, bike, tent, and kayak while we’re out.

If you want to check it out, just check out my Qik profile page periodically over the next few days, or keep an eye on the Qik videos list over there on the right of my blog.






4 responses to “Trying something a bit different”

  1. Heather Avatar

    Have a wonderful trip!

  2. Bente Eidslott Avatar
    Bente Eidslott

    Hope your trip is OK so far. Went to the link, and the island looks like a wonderful place for biking, camping and fun. Cannot wait to hear back from you when you come home. We are off to the cabin today.Be back on Sunday evening. Going to pick red currents so I can make jelly.. Yum. We love you.

  3. pck Avatar

    Wow, instantly published home movies, nifty. Have a great trip.

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