Weekend in Port Angeles

Diann & I spent the weekend on the peninsula, mostly in the Port Angeles area.  We attempted to hit up the Hurricane Ridge Star Party put on by the Olympic Astronomical Society, but were foiled by clouds.  (funny aside here: I showed up, along with Nick who is also a member of the Seattle Astronomical Society, yet no one from OAS showed up)

While in Port Angeles, Diann & I watched the 4th of July fireworks and parade in the city, and we wandered around the downtown area quite a bit.  I figured these two photos were worth sharing:

Tattoo Parlor Wall Mural    Taekwondo Door

See if you can spot the humorous bit on the door to the Martial Arts training center.





2 responses to “Weekend in Port Angeles”

  1. Blake Avatar

    You’ve done it now; just blatantly foiled that training center’s anonymity.

    I’ll be headed to your neck of the woods later this week, for the next few weeks. Maybe we can meet-up at some point.

  2. marius Avatar

    @Blake – Yeah, let me know when you’re around. Would love to catch up.