Month: May 2008

  • 5/30 Astronomy Report

    The weather looked promising last night, and the ClearSkyChart was reporting good news.  At around noon, I shot a quick e-mail over to a few of the people I’ve viewed with before, and was happy to get a quick response from Barry (who lives near Rattlesnake) that the skies were in fact clear.  I cleared […]

  • Hosting Solutions: Alternatives to Layered Technologies?

    I’ve been an exceptionally happy customer of Layered Technologies for a little over 3 years now, and they’ve just announced a monthly price increase of about 30%. Yes, a 30% increase.  My rates are going to go from $93/month to $121/month in July.  Granted, I split this between two other people, but that’s crazy.  Seems […]

  • Fox News – You are dumb.

    It’s official.

  • The last three hours have been spent …

    Reading RSS feeds.  Didn’t get a good chance to read feeds this week at all: For the record: I didn’t hit the panic button.  I read them all.

  • Random – the competition of free stuff giveaways

    Taken at my office today.  Guess some guy had some old free stuff to give away, and someone else decided to trump that with a new free stuff sign.  (For the record, the new stuff sign is pointing at our shelf of office supplies: notepads, pens, pencils, post-it® notes, staples…)

  • The morning at work…

    Yep, that’s a fire truck.  Bunch of co-workers standing to the left milling around aimlessly due to a (false) fire alarm that meant for evacuations. Pretty impressive response: City of Redmond rolled what I counted as 4 units, and the City of Kirkland rolled 1 as well.  This isn’t normally what people mean when they […]

  • What a great weekend

    (I’m including Thursday night as the official start of my weekend, since I took Friday off) Thursday night: telescope until 4:30am Friday: Slept till 11:30am.  Caught up on e-mail, played some Grand Theft Auto IV. Saturday: Seattle Cheese Festival, followed by an acquisition of scallops and spot prawns at the Pike Place Fish Market in […]

  • The weather is warming and the clouds are vanishing

    Seattle in the summertime, oh how I love it.  Today, the temperature breached the 80°F mark, and there hasn’t been a cloud in the sky.  A sign of things to come. As has become common practice for me now, anytime there hasn’t been clouds, I’ve been out at night with the telescope and last night […]

  • 25x revenue is a company valuation? Huh?

    I was reading the article by Mark Evans that laid out how Flickr could have an independent valuation of $4 billion dollars.  He used a multiplier defined by Henry Blodgett in determining the value of Facebook: 25 times a company’s annual revenue is their valuation. Wow. I decided to apply this to a few other […]