Month: April 2008

  • Cold weather and more viewing

    I looked at the Clear Sky Chart for my local viewing area a few days back, and I noticed a wonderful combination of things: Friday night was scheduled to be clear and the moon wasn’t going to rise until 2am.  Friday night being a weekend meant I didn’t have to get up early the next…

  • Losing good ideas

    I was driving home yesterday, and had a brilliant idea about a project I’m doing at work. It was so good, I knew I’d remember it later. Problem is, I remember having a great idea – but don’t recall what the idea was.  *sigh* I should start e-mailing myself ideas from my phone.  Or recording…

  • Random Stat of the Day

    Like Jeremyah, I’m a big fan of random personal statistics.  Here’s one for today:  number of Amazon purchases I’ve made over time. First Amazon purchase for me?  September 17, 1999. (ps: does this graph remind anyone else of an obscene hand gesture?)

  • CAPTCHA failure

    Last time I checked, “wsaezxsq” is not a word, contrary to what the prompt would make you think.

  • Random Gifts from Texas

    A few weeks back, I had a cryptic e-mail message from my friend Karl: From: [redacted] Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 23:00:16 +0000 To: Subject: April 27 I sent y’all an unbirthday present. I think I got the date right, though I’m not too good at math and it is a leap year … …

  • Crazy weather, and the answer to what was for dinner

    Let me start by saying I can’t believe it’s snowing.  In Seattle.  In April.  It was 80° and sunny last Saturday.  I guess that was summer, and we’ve already moved into next winter. Grr. A few days ago I posted a picture of what we had just cooked for dinner, and a few of you…

  • Am I nuts?

    I guess the answer to that is, “it depends”.  And, it depends a lot on who you ask. If you ask my new office-mate, the answer is likely yes.  You see, a new person joined our group at work about 3 weeks ago, and due to an office space crunch, I’m sharing an office with…

  • Dinner

  • Telescoping: April 11

    We’re having an odd break in the weather here in the Seattle area, and last night the clouds cleared.  (Not to mention it’s beautiful and sunny today, and supposed to hit the low 70’s!)  Diann & I went out to Rattlesnake Lake, where the temps were hovering in the mid-40’s.  The moon was up in…

  • Congrats, KU!

    I can root for KU since they’re in the Big XII.  Good game!