Humor for the week

The prior owner of our home left behind some massive carpets, so Diann posted them on Craigslist, and subsequently corresponded with a family that wanted to pick them up.  We scheduled a time, and it turned out that Diann had an event that night to attend.  Since Diann was out, I invited Stephen over to wrap up some Guitar Hero III co-op that we’d been working on.

Later that evening, the lady showed up with her kids to pick up the carpet.  Stephen & I helped her load it into the mini-van (well, Stephen watched, I helped 🙂 ) and off they went.  Then I realized something, and made the following comment to Stephen:

I wonder if they’re driving off wondering which one of us goes by Diann?

You see, Diann never told them that they’d be meeting up with me and that she wouldn’t be around.  And I never really got around to introducing myself by name, much less Stephen. 

There’s humor here.