Month: February 2008

  • XBLA: N+ – Music?

    Does anyone know who makes the music for Metanet’s N+ on Xbox Live Arcade?  I’m listening to it, and I can’t help but think of Skaven from the Future Crew days in the 1990s.

  • Oh Gizmodo, why do you hate full-featured RSS?

    I’m an avid reader of Gizmodo, and as much great stuff as they post, I rely on my RSS reader to follow all the action.  The last day or two they’ve changed some of their RSS feeds in a manner that I don’t like: they’re removing images. I can’t come up with what triggers this,…

  • Blu-ray, HD-DVD, what’s next?

    There’s no denying that fact that I’ve been an HD-DVD supporter since the format war started, and the day that Toshiba pulled the plug on the format, my brother-in-law ribbed me about not having a blog post on it yet. :)  Well, here’s that blog post, just a few weeks late. (disclaimer: as noted on…

  • Lunar Eclipse

    Ok, so I’m a day or two late, but everyone else is posting pictures they took of the eclipse, so here’s mine: Taken with a Nikon D70 and 70-300mm lens, ISO400 for 4 seconds at f/5.6 from the 28th floor of Lincoln Square in Bellevue. Also while up there, I got a panoramic of the…

  • Things I hate #412: Facebook applications

    Applications on Facebook that are quizzes, but won’t let you see the results until you spam a certain number of people on your friends list. No, I will not spam my friends list to find out what type of American accent I have, thankyouvermuch.

  • San Francisco Radio: Turning up the Suck

    As you may have surmised from my previous post, I’m in California for a few days this week on business, and more specifically, in the San Jose / Mountain View area.  I drove in to San Francisco last night to grab dinner and drinks with an old classmate of mine (Hi, Lauren!). It’s a surprisingly…

  • Lunch

    "Double double animal style, no pickles, well done fries.  And a coke."