Spam via the USPS

I get so much mail from Clearwire, and I don’t really know why.  It would seem to me that if I don’t respond to their mail and advertisements the first forty times they send it, they should stop pestering me.

Honestly, I get around 3-5 pieces of mail via the USPS from them per week.  Today, I sent an email to the only e-mail addresses I could find for them on their website: Investor Relations and Public Relations department.

I’m getting tons of mail via USPS every week from ClearWire asking me if I’d like to sign up.  I’m not sure why your marketing/sales organizations feel compelled to deliver these letters to me on average of 3-5 times per week.  What I’d really love to sign up for is finding out how to stop getting these advertisements.

Is there a way of opting my mailing address out of these mailings?

Thanks for your help!

Perhaps my mail was a bit snarky, but I’m ok with that generally.  Stop killing trees and filling up my mailbox with junk, I say.

Besides, if I wanted to be really snarky, I’d take a peek at their latest SEC 10K filing, and let their investor relations group know just how much their mailing things to me impacted their earnings per share.






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  1. Thatguyoverthere Avatar

    Why not just call them and have them put you on the opt out list? The two emails you listed will just be forwarded off to other care departments who will inevitably ask you to call in anyhow.