Month: June 2007

  • “If you don’t mind my asking…”

    Why is it that always when a question is preceded by “If you don’t mind my asking…”, it’s, well, something that I would usually mind someone asking. And people know that, because they’re including the disclaimer. How do you get out of that one without sounding snarky?

  • CEOs and Excessive Pay?

    An [AP article]( just posted indicates that half of S&P500 CEOs get over $8.3M/year in pay. The article opens with this zinger of a line: > A new Associated Press calculation shows that compensation for America’s top CEOs has skyrocketed into the stratospheric heights of pro athletes and movie stars: Half make more than $8.3…

  • Oil Changes and Wireless, redux

    So, much like [last time](, I’m getting the oil changed (this time at [Michael’s Toyota]( for the Prius), and they’ve got wireless, which lets me get some work and web-browsing done. (This is probably the 6th time this week I’ve reached the [end of the internet]( Great that they have wireless, it’s open (no WEP),…