“If you don’t mind my asking…”

Why is it that always when a question is preceded by “If you don’t mind my asking…”, it’s, well, something that I would usually mind someone asking. And people know that, because they’re including the disclaimer.

How do you get out of that one without sounding snarky?

CEOs and Excessive Pay?

An [AP article](http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19142079/) just posted indicates that half of S&P500 CEOs get over $8.3M/year in pay. The article opens with this zinger of a line:

> A new Associated Press calculation shows that compensation for America’s top CEOs has skyrocketed into the stratospheric heights of pro athletes and movie stars: Half make more than $8.3 million a year, and some make much, much more.

I’m not saying that $8.3M/year isn’t a high amount of money, but in all fairness, comparing CEOs to pro athletes and movie stars is a bit odd. I’m pretty sure the average CEO does more work than either. (Yeah, so the athletes and movie stars sell tickets, but the CEOs sell stock)

Oil Changes and Wireless, redux

So, much like [last time](http://www.marius.org/2007/05/02/oil_changes_and_wireless.php), I’m getting the oil changed (this time at [Michael’s Toyota](http://www.michaelstoyota.com/) for the Prius), and they’ve got wireless, which lets me get some work and web-browsing done. (This is probably the 6th time this week I’ve reached the [end of the internet](http://www.shibumi.org/eoti.htm))

Great that they have wireless, it’s open (no WEP), but did require an Aruba Networks login with their guest account and password. The downside is that they only allow outbound http/https, and no [SSH](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ssh). Booo.