Month: May 2007

  • Brisket post-mortem

    The brisket from yesterday was well received by the 10 people in attendance. I had six people here that have lived at one point or another in Texas (some as recently as two weeks ago!), and everyone says it tasted authentic. I cooked it to an internal temp of 170°F, and I actually don’t think […]

  • Notes from the morning

    So, since I’ve been up since 4:30am cooking brisket, I wanted to jot down a few notes from the morning. First, there seems to be a racoon living in our backyard. He was drinking from the pond while I was waiting on the BBQ to heat up. Second, there’s nothing on TV at 4:30am on […]

  • 5:24am and I’m awake

    This could be my earliest blog post ever. Already been awake for an hour today. And, no, this is definitely not normal for me. However, the [Big Green Egg]( is at a happy 220°F, and a 9.5lb brisket has been going for 25 minutes. On at 5:00am, plan to take it off at 6:30pm. Flip […]

  • What’s on your Sidebar?

    Those of you running Windows Vista – what’s on your Sidebar? What gadgets can’t you live without? (Blatant steal: I got this idea from Sean Alexander’s blog post: [Top 10 Sidebar Gadgets]( On my work computer: * [Traffic by Live Search]( showing horrible Seattle traffic * [MSN Gas Prices]( * [Live Search]( * Stock Ticker […]

  • I hate web spam…

    I really hate web spam. Since I used to run [Movable Type]( here, lots of spammers used to hit up /mt/mt-tb.cgi and /mt/mt-comments.cgi to try to auto-spam my blog. I’ve been running [Wordpress]( for (checks archives) nearly 3 months now, and I’m still seeing it. Today, I was checking out my [Mint]( statistics, and I […]

  • Big Green Egg: Pork Loin Roast

    Today, I fired up the [Big Green Egg]( for its inaugural run. We tried a recipe off the BGE website – [Mr. Toad’s Pork Loin]( I had a 5 pound pork loin roast, followed the directions in the recipe, and threw it in the egg at 300 degrees. About 3 hours later, the pork hit […]

  • New Grill! I’m an “egg”head!

    After reading several reviews on the web, and getting inspired by a [co-worker](, I decided to buy a new grill. And I’ve eschewed the propane tank forever. I bought a [Big Green Egg]( from [Thompson’s Hearth & Home]( in Issaquah. This thing is a beast! Tips the scales at over 140 pounds, and I can’t […]

  • A long day

    Today started out fairly normal and as planned, but it went downhill. As I sit here, my arms are bruised. My jaw is fairly numb. I have 4 teeth less than I had this morning. I’m on pain medication. It sounds drastic, but, yeah, I got my wisdom teeth removed this morning. First time ever […]

  • Grey’s Anatomy

    So, tonight’s episode of [Grey’s]( … sucked. I hope [ABC]( puts the spin-off thing up to a vote, cause the whole Los Angeles bit seemed awkward, forced, and contrived. I’d vote no, and the other 7 or 8 people I watched it with said the same. Some of them even left early to go to […]

  • Oil Changes and Wireless

    I love it when I take my car somewhere to get an oil change, and they have wireless. Kudos to [Nissan of the Eastside]( in Bellevue. And, as bonus points, they at least used WEP encryption. (Yes, I know WEP isn’t perfect, but it’s better than the Nissan dealership I used to go in Texas […]