Month: April 2007

  • iPods and Zunes in School: Banned

    There’s been a lot of internal talk at work about the fact that some school districts are taking note and [banning iPods and Zunes]( due to concerns about cheating. A co-worker of mine responded to the discussions about this with a brilliant comment: > Funny, I remember in HS when taking tests class the teachers […]

  • It’s been too long

    Ok, so last time I posted was April 9. Seems I had pretty routine updates before then, but I got swamped with work and real-life. What’s been going on? Well, our high school’s 10-year reunion is coming up, and I’m on the reunion planning committee. Weird. Anyway, I put together a website for fellow [Conroe […]

  • In the presence of greatness

    About a year ago, [Stephen Hawking]( was supposed to come to Seattle, and I got tickets. I was excited; not many times do you have a chance to be in the presence of such awesome knowledge. Unfortunately, he fell ill and wasn’t able to make the lecture. I fought TicketMaster to get my ticket refunded, […]

  • Sign you’ve been playing too much Guitar Hero

    Here’s my sign that I’ve been playing too much [Guitar Hero]( I tapped a phone number on my cell phone this morning to the rythym of Warrant’s Cherry Pie.

  • Another rant: Things I hate

    (Channeling George Carlin) Another thing I hate is guys that drive nice, fast sports cars … 10-20 miles per hour below the speed limit. These guys kill me.

  • Baseball Season: Opening Day

    While I was out grabbing lunch yesterday, I realized that it’s MLB opening day — tons of people around wearing their Seattle Mariners shirts. We were eating at [Gandolfo’s Deli](, a New York style deli, and they’re very proud of New York. They hadn’t realized it was opening day — the special of the day […]