Wow, stupidity in HR

[This story]( is just unbelievable. I can’t believe an HR department would throw out an interview candidate just because they use a particular e-mail host, and they think that host is “stupid”.


Last night’s Lost episode

Wow. So, the amazing thing to me about last night’s episode of Lost is that the writers of the show obviously had a lot of foresight two years ago when they were filming the opening sequences of the show. I don’t want to say anything more than that because I don’t want to release spoilers, but, wow.

Home from work sick: day 2

Still out sick, and the TV is still boring. I’ve even turned it off. Xbox is offline for maintenance, so no fun there either.

I’ve been fairly producting in the whole e-mail department, though, so that’s good.

The good news is that the chainsaws/wood chippers/weed eater sounds from yesterday are gone. The bad news is that my next door neighbors are pressure washing their roof. Why can’t I get a nice quiet day of rest when I’m out sick?

Staying at home – used to be fun, now is boring

So, this weekend we went to Portland. I picked up some kind of illness at work last week, so I spent the entire weekend in Portland pretty much sleeping in our hotel room. Talk about the suck.

So, today I called into work sick. Had the doc come out (my employer is testing out a doctor-to-your-home program, which is super cool), and he’s diagnosed me with [Tracheitis]( Staying at home when I was in school was fun. Not so much now, it’s a beautiful day outside, and the neighbors are doing lawn work. I’m tired of listening to lawnmowers, weed eaters, chainsaws, and wood chippers (No, I don’t live in [Fargo]( And daytime TV: what’s with you TV producers? Put some good stuff on daytime TV.

Linux on the 360?

From []( comes the biggest understatement of the year:

> In order to run this current loader, you will need to execute the compiled version through serial cable, after booting a modified shader via the king kong disc (with a firmware modded dvd-rom), and you will need to compile your own linux kernel aswell. This is obviously for the more savvy of the xbox users

Emphasis mine. Yeah, you need to take apart the box, change the firmware on your dvd-rom (which if I recall right requires doing some surface mount soldering), compile a Linux kernel, and load this through a serial cable (which also requires some soldering).

Savvy indeed.

Books that call out to me

Why does [this book]( call out to me? I’ve done so much logical security work in my professional career, but oftentimes the (perceived) simplicity of physical security systems seems so much more intriguing. Damn the $219 cost of the book: Locks, Safes and Security: An International Police Reference. I’ve had my eye on it for quite a while, and will order it one of these days.

Bracket: Busted Up

Thanks, [Wisconsin]( Your loss busted up my NCAA bracket. (Well, ok, [Wisconsin](, [Texas](, [WSU](, [Duke](…) The only region I’ve got going well still is San Antonio.

I’m a liar

Well, at least, according to the local [Girl Scouts]( I am. You see, I went to the grocery store the other day, and upon exiting, there were Girl Scouts selling their [cookies]( (mmmm, [Thin Mints](!). Diann had just bought some a few days before, so I told the 8 year-old that I had already acquired my cookie supply for the year.

I’m walking away, and I hear the girl tell the scout mom, “I don’t remember selling any cookies to him the other day.”


Texas A&M in the Sweet 16!

Texas A&M today beat Louisville [72-69]( to get to the Sweet 16 for the first time since 1980. Wow. Three years ago they went winless in the Big XII.

Tracking stock awards in Microsoft Money

I use [Microsoft Money 2007]( to track our personal expenses, and my employer offers stock awards (rather than stock options). Basically, the way it works is they tell you that you did good this year, and that you’ll get a certain number of stock awards (let’s say 100 for simplicity). For the next 5 years, 20% of your stock awards vest each year, so if you got those 100 stock awards on, for example, March 15, 2007, you’ll get 20 shares on 3/15/2008, another 20 on 3/15/2009, and so on. (note: taxes should come out of this like normal income, so, while you’ll get 20 shares, you’ll actually receive less than that, dependent on your tax withholdings.)