Vanishing Point Game: Event 4 – Seattle, WA

So the 4th event of the [Vanishing Point Game]( was held in Seattle tonight. If you haven’t been following, the game is a viral marketing/buzz building event sponsored by [Microsoft]( and [AMD]( for the Windows Vista launch (this Tuesday).

[Jenn]( (who happens to work on a part of the Windows Vista marketing team) called me to let me know the 4th event would be at Gasworks Park in Seattle tonight, so we hopped in the car and made the trip over to Seattle. It was, in a word, amazing.

There was a 10-15 minute long fireworks show, and then an entourage of buses toting people to an after event party. Apparently there were supposedly clues in the fireworks. I assume quite a few of the people there work for Microsoft, since we are in Microsoft’s backyard, but some of the people I talked to there actually flew into Seattle just for this — they’re playing the game that much.

The party was also awesome (and apparently chock-full of clues). There was a car wreck on one side of the party with an actress playing the role of the lady with amnesia in the movie [Mulholland Drive]( On the other side was a plane wreck with an actress playing the role of [Amelia Earhart]( What’s a party without [Elvis]( He was there too. I saw a table on the side where they were giving away Vanishing Point shirts, so I went to pick one up. The guy behind the table introduced himself as [Bobby Fischer]( There’s a theme: these are all people that “vanished” in one way or another.

Very cool event — I took a ton of pictures that I’ll be posting online shortly (maybe it’ll help the folks at the [Vanishing Point Wiki](

(Disclaimer: I must confess, I work at Microsoft. That doesn’t take away from the coolness of this event, though, and I don’t know anything about the puzzle)