Cingular SIM Unlock: the story continues

So, I got a text message about 9:45am this morning from Cingular, asking me to call them as my unlock code I had [previously requested]( was ready. Woohoo!

So I call them.

> M: Hi, I got a text message asking me to call you to get my device unlock code.
> C: [puts me on hold; comes back 4 mins later] The code should have been in the text message.
> M: It wasn’t. It said to call you.
> C: [puts me on hold; comes back 3 mins later] The person should’ve taken your e-mail address, cause that’s how the codes come out.
> M: [wha? Didn’t you just say they come out by Text Message?!] So, tell me what the code is.
> C: [Gives me a code]
> M: Where do I type it in?
> C: Just type in the number and hit send.
> M: It tried to make a phone call.
> C: Hold on, let me call my technical support.
> … 5 minutes later
> C: Here’s another code. Just type it in and hit send.
> M: It tried to make a phone call again, back at the home screen.
> C: I’ll fill out the form again and put the request back in. It’ll take up to 5 business days for them to get back to you. I’ll need to get manager approval since you’ve requested another unlock code within the past 90 days.

*sigh* I had a feeling this wouldn’t be easy. She asked me to remove the battery and the SIM card. I figured she wanted the IMEI code off the phone. Then she asked me to wait 15 seconds, re-insert them, and boot up the phone to see if that made a difference. … As you can guess, it didn’t.

I loved the last bit of manager approval. As if it was my fault that they don’t have their ducks in a row.





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