Now that’s a cool pepper: FeedBack

Those of you using [Mint]( may want to install the [FeedBack Pepper]( that was released today.

It’s very cool — finally lets you get a handle on how many people are following your site via RSS feeds. A little bit of Apache mod_rewrite trickery, and now I can see how many people are watching me via feeds. Nicely done.

Washington Initiative 831

I just stumbled across a blog about Washington State politics called []( In the blog’s [About]( page, it talks about how it got its name. Apparently, the author of the blog (David Goldstein) submitted [initiative 831]( back in 2003. It’s hilarious, especially if you’ve been in Washington State for the past few years.

Initiative text follows:

> WHEREAS, Tim Eyman’s ill-conceived anti-tax initiatives are an irresponsible means of legislating tax policy, an abuse of the initiative process, and insult to our system of representative democracy; and
> WHEREAS, Tim Eyman is an admitted liar, who paid himself $45,000 from campaign funds, while publicly denying any personal gain from the state-wide initiatives he sponsored; and
> WHEREAS, Tim Eyman diverted $165,000 of campaign contributions to a for-profit corporation he controls, with the intention of paying himself an additional $157,000; and
> WHEREAS, Motivated by self-aggrandizement and personal gain, Tim Eyman has consistently misrepresented the initiatives he sponsored, and misappropriated funds donated to support them; and
> WHEREAS, Tim Eyman readily admits, in his own words, that “I just feel like an ass;”
> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the citizens of the State of Washington do hereby proclaim that Tim Eyman is a Horse’s Ass.
> BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be immediately transmitted to Tim Eyman, his wife, and his mother. So there.

Now that’s what I call using the political system to its fullest.


Wii code: 3722 8931 3430 3229. Feel free to register me if you’ve got a Wii.

Power – It’s a good thing

As many people have blogged about in the past few days, the Seattle area got slammed with a massive windstorm last Thursday. Winds peaked out at 69mph at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and were clocked at 118mph near Mt. Rainier.

We lost power at 5:51pm that night. I called [PSE]( and was told we were the first ones to call with an outage report. 6 days, 12 hours, and 57 minutes later, we got power back this morning at 6:48am.

Kudos to all the linesmen and power crews that have been working around the clock to bring electricity back online.

What’s the most impressive is that you don’t realize just how dependent on electricity you are until you go without for more than a day or two.

Xbox Live Milestone: 10,000 gamerscore

Condemned: Chapter 9 Silver Bird AwardThis evening, I broke the 10,000 mark on gamerscore on Xbox Live.

The achievement that put me over the mark?

The Chapter 9 Silver Bird Award in Condemned: Criminal Origins.

I finished off the game tonight, and while impressed with the fear factor of the game, the plot really went downhill after chapter 4 or so.

Shuffle the Netflix queue

So, I wanted to shuffle my Netflix queue up, basically to spread the HD-DVD love around the queue instead of all in one block.

I found this page with details on how to do it.

Basically, you add this bookmarklet to your bookmarks (right-click on the link, and hit “Add to favorites”), and when you’re looking at your queue, just hit that favorite. Then update your queue, and you’re shuffled.

(Then, it’s just a simple matter of re-ordering sequential movies so you get them in order.. Like the Star Wars series, for example.)

A blog for the foodie crowd

Came across this on a mailing list that I’m on: [Serious Eats]( has launched recently.

It’s an interesting concept – chatter among a userbase, along with reviews/features/etc. from a more structured editing crew (don’t know if they’re paid, or if it’s freelance, or what…). Very nice. I’ve subscribed to their RSS feeds for now.