Month: December 2006

  • Now that’s a cool pepper: FeedBack

    Those of you using [Mint]( may want to install the [FeedBack Pepper]( that was released today. It’s very cool — finally lets you get a handle on how many people are following your site via RSS feeds. A little bit of Apache mod_rewrite trickery, and now I can see how many people are watching me […]

  • Washington Initiative 831

    I just stumbled across a blog about Washington State politics called []( In the blog’s [About]( page, it talks about how it got its name. Apparently, the author of the blog (David Goldstein) submitted [initiative 831]( back in 2003. It’s hilarious, especially if you’ve been in Washington State for the past few years. Initiative text […]

  • Wii

    Wii code: 3722 8931 3430 3229. Feel free to register me if you’ve got a Wii.

  • Power – It’s a good thing

    As many people have blogged about in the past few days, the Seattle area got slammed with a massive windstorm last Thursday. Winds peaked out at 69mph at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and were clocked at 118mph near Mt. Rainier. We lost power at 5:51pm that night. I called [PSE]( and was told we were the […]

  • Xbox Live Milestone: 10,000 gamerscore

    This evening, I broke the 10,000 mark on gamerscore on Xbox Live. The achievement that put me over the mark? The Chapter 9 Silver Bird Award in Condemned: Criminal Origins. I finished off the game tonight, and while impressed with the fear factor of the game, the plot really went downhill after chapter 4 or […]

  • Shuffle the Netflix queue

    So, I wanted to shuffle my Netflix queue up, basically to spread the HD-DVD love around the queue instead of all in one block. I found this page with details on how to do it. Basically, you add this bookmarklet to your bookmarks (right-click on the link, and hit “Add to favorites”), and when you’re […]

  • A blog for the foodie crowd

    Came across this on a mailing list that I’m on: [Serious Eats]( has launched recently. It’s an interesting concept – chatter among a userbase, along with reviews/features/etc. from a more structured editing crew (don’t know if they’re paid, or if it’s freelance, or what…). Very nice. I’ve subscribed to their RSS feeds for now.