Will it blend?

Apparently, the answer is: “Hell yes, it’ll blend!”

Found [this site](http://www.willitblend.com/) which is a marketing gimmick by a company named [Blendtec](http://www.blendtec.com/). They put, uhh, absurd stuff into their blenders to show how well they run. Define absurd stuff you say? How about:

* Golf balls
* Marbles
* A can of coke (can included)
* A half chicken (with bones)
* A McDonald’s combo meal

What’s impressive is that the dry goods (golf balls, marbles, credit cards) come out as dust.

Next time our blender at home kicks the bucket (which I’ve [blogged about before](http://www.marius.org/2004/08/10/rip_an_obituary.php)), I’m getting one of these.