Worst written news article ever

So, I'm reading the MSNBC article talking about the denial-of-service attack on Joe Lieberman's website (article here).

I'm always amazed with the over-simplification that journalists use when they write stories:

The Joe2006.com Web site was hosted on a computer named ThePlanet.com, a Web server computer that also hosts about 70 other Web sites. Many of those sites — such as NVToday.com, a local news service in Nevada — were also hard to reach on Tuesday.

A computer. … sigh.






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  1. dbt Avatar

    Actually, that line is almost correct. It was a single vhosting machine, but it was hosted AT theplanet.com.

    Yes, a major national political campaign was using shared hosting. Surprisingly, the site was down. (ThePlanet.com, where my blog is, was fine).