On Fuel Economy

So, Diann and I recently moved, and while the routes to and from work are largely the same for me, I start off on a different section of Highway 520 now. The Prius now averages only about 43 miles/gallon due to the change in road characteristics.

Here's the sad thing: I just said it above, and Diann made this exact comment earlier this week in the car — the Prius now averages only about 43 miles/gallon.

Only?!? Only 43? That's still really good, let's be honest. I guess we've gotten spoiled by fuel economy over 50.

Movable Type Tags – Simplifying Search URLs

So now that Movable Type supports Tags, I'm going to have to re-architect the way I've done my categories.

I wanted to make this work a little more like Technorati with their tag search, where you can just go type in www.technorati.com/tags/[tag of interest].

With a little searching on the web, I found this page in Movable Type's beta documentation. Paraphrasing here for continuity:

This assumes you're using Apache, and have mod_rewrite installed and working. You need to simply put the following into your document root's .htaccess file:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule tag/(.+) /mt/mt-search.cgi?tag=$1&blog_id=1

Jay goes on to note that if you're using Movable Type templates to create the .htaccess file, you can use Movable Type's <$MTBlogID$> variable to automate your blog_id variable.

We’ve been Netflixed.

Well, Diann & I signed up for Netflix last night.

Drop me an e-mail if you're on it so I can expand my currently non-existant friends list. (Not that I know what the friends list is for, but let's face it: an empty friends list puts a frown on anyone's face.)

How to build traffic to your blog

One alternative: Criticize Scoble by calling him a “fake computer geek” and have Scoble respond and link back to your blog.

Seriously, though, I know that Scoble likes to give corporate blogging advice of find negative feedback, link to them, and blog about them, but I just don't see why Scoble needed to respond to … Cory. Scoble? Got an answer? Paging Dr. Scoble?

Advice to Cory — sometimes running your own wiki is a PITA, especially if you don't feel like being your own sysadmin. Here's the shocker, are you sitting down? Not every computer geek is a sysadmin.

Problem with the RIAA and Recording Industry

So I've been following all the Engadget and Gizmodo posts about the rumored Argo and Zune. One of the things that jumped out at me was this Engadget article that talked about the possibility that Microsoft would be allowing people to download whatever music they've purchased in iTunes for free — but that “Microsoft will still have to pay the rights-holders for the songs”. (Note that this was later refuted here on Gizmodo)

Whether or not it's true, I do think this points out a serious flaw with having multiple formats of proprietary DRM: you've paid for the song in one, but you can't get it in the others — even though you paid for the license to the song! I guess what you're paying for when you pay $0.99 in iTMS or any of the other content providers is a license to that song, using that service. Makes the “buy this song” links seem kind of like false advertising.

I've said before I have no problem with the concept of DRM, so long as it's done right; the current ways, however, aren't. This is one aspect that I think a unified approach that would work on multiple platforms would be a boon to consumers. I'm having this problem currently with the music that I've bought from iTMS since I sold my iPod in favor of a Toshiba Gigabeat S60. So far, I'm leaning towards (and have been checking out) for two months MTV's URGE music store subscriptions – so I can just re-download what music I had previously encountered in iTMS.

Waking up

In my never-ending quest to wake-up on time, I stumbled across this review of an alarm clock that monitors your sleep cycles and wakes you up at the optimal point. Seems ingenious, yet logical. I guess it works well enough that the reviewers gave it an 8/10 citing some very minor (IMHO) drawbacks. $250 is kinda spendy, though.