Month: June 2006

  • Reason #342 to Hate Apartment Life

    Reason #342: The guy, two floors below you, that's running his charcoal grill and smoking you out of house and home (unit B304, I'm looking at you). All this while everyone's got their windows & doors open to get some ventilation. Glad to be moving next week!

  • Random cool new Web 2.0 thing

    So I was reading Techcrunch today, and it seems that Farecast has gone into a public beta period. While beta software has been around for years and years, tagging a new product beta seems to be all the rage among Web 2.0 sites (Yes, Windows Live and Google, I'm looking at you guys). Anyway, Farecast…

  • It’s Official: Temperature Sensitivity is Back!

    After being in Seattle for the past two years, I've now come to realize I'm officially not used to hot temperatures anymore. Yesterday got up to 85°F, and today hit 90°F — and I've been whining about it the entire time. Pretty bizarre considering I lived in southeast Texas for 20+ years.

  • Define Irony: Nestlé buys Jenny Craig

    In a bold move, swiss chocolate-powerhouse Nestlé bought Jenny Craig today. Yes, I'm actually serious.

  • OpenSearch

    So, today, I enabled the OpenSearch spec on my blog. I doubt people come here to search, but it's good technology that I think should be out there more often. If you're using IE7, you'll notice that when you're here, your search drop-down has an orange button next to it (details on IE7's auto-discovery implentation…

  • Brilliant – Revenge by Mom

    There's a great story on Blogspot about a guy who bought an Xbox 360 on eBay – and didn't get any response from the seller after sending the payment. What was the solution? Find, call, and talk to the guy's mom. As the Guinness guys would say, “Brilliant!”

  • Amen, Chris Pirillo

    Chris Pirillo has an excellent post which contains the following nugget: Let me start out by saying that the blogosphere has to get over the whole “copyrights and trademarks are evil” jihad. I've been thinking about this myself recently with regard to DRM music. I sold my iPod and bought a Toshiba Gigabeat S60 (more…