TV Shows I’m Hooked On

So, in the same realm as the “what gadgets are in my bag” style of posts, another listing-style topic. Yeah, everyone reading this probably cares as much about what TV shows I watch as what gadgets I lug around with me, but, it's my blog. So there.

  • Sunday Night
    • The West Wing – Very disappointed that this show is getting cancelled after this season.
    • Desperate Housewives – This one may fall off the list; season two is much more blah than season one.
    • Grey's Anatomy – Excellent show. Probably the best on the list. Seattle-spotting is a fun hobby, but let me debunk a few myths from the show: no one in Seattle actually uses an umbrella, it never rains as hard as it does in the show, and it doesn't thunder/lightning here very often.
  • Monday Night
    • Las Vegas – Good show, but it, too, is on it's way downhill. It's just gotten very gimicky lately.
  • Tuesday Night
    • Dirty Jobs – Excellent stuff here; makes me glad I sit in an air-conditioned office all day long.
  • Wednesday Night
    • Lost – So, wow. Just started watching this; a co-worker let me borrow Season 1 DVDs, and we watched all of them in four nights. Rather than wait for Season 2 to come out on DVD, we bought them all on iTunes and watched them in three nights. Now we're caught up. This show is excellent.
    • Mythbusters – Who doesn't love the Mythbusters, seriously?
    • Good Eats – Good Eats is, well, Good Eats.

Luckily, TiVo manages all the conflicts for me and irons out making sure we never miss an episode. Good stuff.