Month: January 2006

  • Kameo Co-Op on XBL

    Ok, grievance with Kameo on the 360 – why can't co-op games be done on Xbox Live? I suspect it was going to be, but was dropped to make the game ship: The manual, when talking about setting up a cooperative game, talks about logging into Xbox Live profiles. The game, has a menu to […]

  • TV Shows I’m Hooked On

    So, in the same realm as the “what gadgets are in my bag” style of posts, another listing-style topic. Yeah, everyone reading this probably cares as much about what TV shows I watch as what gadgets I lug around with me, but, it's my blog. So there. Sunday Night The West Wing – Very disappointed […]

  • Breaking News from CNN!

    Saw this choice quote from an article on CNN today about the home sales market (emphasis mine): The latest Census Bureau report shows median prices for new residences sold in December fell 1.5 percent from the previous month to $221,800. Half of the homes sold for more than the median, the rest for less. Must […]

  • Coldplay Concert

    Just walked back in the door from a Coldplay show for their Twisted Logic tour (Wikipedia reference with setlists, etc.). A fantastic show they put on; Chris Martin definitely brings a lot of energy to the show. Tons of good references to Seattle in the concert, a few mentions of the upcoming Superbowl (Go Seahawks!). […]

  • GPLv3 Draft Out

    Looks like the discussion draft of the proposed GPLv3 has been posted for review. The ironic thing, in my mind, is this nugget just before the preamble: Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies of this license document, but changing it is not allowed. Now, clearly, I'm no lawyer, but that seems to […]

  • NASA does it again!

    Congratulations NASA on another successful mission! Stardust is on the ground after a succesful 2.9 billion mile journey! Now that the engineering is over, the years of science can begin!