Boeing Machinists Going on Strike

So, the Boeing Machinists' Union has voted (overwhelmingly) today to go on strike. This really bothers me for a few reasons; I understand that the concept of a labor union is to bring employers on par with employees at the negotiating table. But honestly, with the thousands upon thousands of people displaced on the Gulf Coast, I bet there's a ton of people in the US that would be very thankful to have an opportunity at a job and a stable life at this point.

Even before the hurricane struck, this strike looming drove me nuts; most machinists I've heard claim that they're unhappy with the pension plan upgrades that Boeing is offering. Give me a break! I'd be happy to have a pension plan, and so would a ton of other people I know. Everyone should be so lucky to get anything per month after retiring from their employer.

In my opinion, the Machinists' Union is a selfish bunch.






One response to “Boeing Machinists Going on Strike”

  1. Caleb Avatar

    Just because you are happy without a pension doesn’t mean other people are. These people are fighting for a better future do not bash them for what they believe. Do you think these companies don’t have enough money to through around? They are always making new innovations and doing research. I know that is what a company has to do to survive but sometimes they DO throw money away. for example the “airbus”. useless crap no one will ever use. My dad was a machinist as well as in a union and has worked for Boeing and many other companies so i have heard it all. Besides the higher ups are most likely getting higher pay cuts anyway. (i don’t know if thats true but i’m just going to assume it is) to bad was posted 2 years before i found it. someone could have ….idk proved me wrong? O.o and i’m not proof reading this!