iPod Click Wheel Stops Working

My iPod photo’s click wheel stopped working this afternoon, and I was getting ready to make an appointment at the so-called "Genius Bar" at the local Apple store.

A quick search online found the answer to the problem, though, and I figured I’d document it here so more people can find it later:

iPod calibrates its touch-sensitive surfaces when you turn off the Hold switch. Touching the buttons or the touch wheel on a sleeping iPod at the same time that you turn off the Hold switch causes iPod to calibrate to the capacitance of your finger instead of the air. This can cause iPod to turn on but appear unresponsive when waking from sleep.

So the solution might be to just switch HOLD ON and then OFF again, without touching the wheel in the process

In my case, this solved the problem. Beauty!

Steve Squyres Visits

Yesterday at work, Steve Squyres came to give a talk to the company's research group, but anyone could attend. So, I quickly made sure my calendar wasn't booked at the time and immediately blocked it off so I could attend. Having just finished his book ( Roving Mars: Spirit, Opportunity, and the Exploration of the Red Planet , ISBN 1401301495) and having followed the EDL phase and subsequent rovings of Spirit and Opportunity, I figured this was a once in a lifetime shot to hear him speak.

For those of you that aren't as NASA-nerdy as I am, Steve Squyres is the PI of the MER team that put Spirit and Opportunity on Mars in January 2004.

Steve talked and showed some truly breathtaking photography. He got asked the same question I posted about back in February 2004 about a mechanism to knock dust of the solar panels, and gave the same answer as I've heard all the other times I've seen it responded to.

Definitely an amazing talk, and I highly recommend reading the book.

Mt. Rainier – Dege Peak

Hiked On: August 6, 2005
Weather Conditions: Approximately 70°F-80°F, clear and sunny skies
Elevation: 6400-7016'
Distance from Seattle: Just over 90 miles
Pictures: Here
National Park Service: Mt. Rainier National Park

Another sunny weekend, and another trip up to Rainier. Micah was up in the PNW this weekend for work, and he came up to Seattle to spend the weekend visiting. We made him pay for it with a hike at elevation! After spending the last few weeks at Paradise, we decided to visit the trails that Sunrise offered. To get an early start, we rented a cabin just outside of the park and were driving through the gates at about 9:30am as opposed to our usual 11:15am arrival time. The hike is detailed in the book Day Hike! Mount Rainier , ISBN 1570613141). We started at the Sunrise Visitor's center, at 6400'. We hiked up the Sourdough Ridge trail to Dege Peak where we had a really good view of Rainier and Mt. Adams to the south, and Mt. Baker, Glacier Peak, and the Cascade range to the north. The hike up to Dege Peak was pretty calm, with around a mile of flat ridge running at 6800'. The last 0.3 miles was a quick shot up to 7016' at Dege Peak.

Total distance hiked: 4.4 miles, total elevation gain: 616', total accumulated elevation: unknown (pesky watch said 3500', but I'm thinking that's way off – it was far closer to around 1000' by my estimate).

Almost total elevator control

I haven't tried this (yet), but the site claims that most Otis, Dover and Desert elevators can take you direct to where you want to go so long as you hit the close door button and the floor button at the same time.

Now if I could get the elevators to come pick me up on my floor in an express style, I'd be set.