Month: June 2005

  • New Addictive Thing of the Day

    One word: LinkedIn. Pretty addictive professional networking site, kind of like friendster and Orkut, but definitely geared more towards professional networking. Concept is like a Kevin Bacon six-degrees-of-separation thing, and you can only see people up to four degrees away from you (I think). Oddly enough, by the time I added my second connection, I…

  • Momentous Occasion: Podcasting

    Well, a momentous occasion for me, at least. Listening, for the first time, to a podcast. And you thought I was gonna podcast my blog. Heck no. With the new release of iTunes 4.9 yesterday, pulling podcast subscriptions is simple and handy. My first podcast? Democracy Now! Pretty cool stuff, if you ask me. Especially…

  • Take That, Supreme Court!

    From Philip, article here – Weare, New Hampshire (PRWEB) Could a hotel be built on the land owned by Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter? A new ruling by the Supreme Court which was supported by Justice Souter himself itself might allow it. A private developer is seeking to use this very law to build…

  • RIP, Jack Kilby

    The guy who made my entire professional career possible died yesterday at the age of 81. Jack Kilby was a pioneer of semiconductor invention back in 1958 at Texas Instruments. Microchip pioneer Jack Kilby, who won the 2000 Nobel Prize for co-inventing the integrated circuits that ushered in the digital age of personal computers, cell…

  • Photography To-Do List

    It's a short list, but I keep forgetting to do this: research color management devices for LCD/CRT monitors (to generate ICC profiles). On my shortlist: GretagMacbeth's Eye-One Color system ColorVision's Spyder2 system X-Rite's Optix XR system

  • Mini’s Word of the Day

    With apologies to direct-quoting Mini, this came to my attention today: MINI WORD OF THE DAY ================================================================= FARKING SPOT (noun) A seemingly open parking space that when you get closer, you discover a small car parked there. =================================================================

  • The Reliable Credit Card System

    These are both funny and disturbing all at the same time: Zug's Credit Card Prank Zug's Credit Card Prank II

  • Crazy New 419 Spam

    Just got this new variant of 419 spam: From: Michael Ramsey Subject: RE URGENT Dear Friend, Good day to you. I may have to trouble your sense of personal achievement and reward for an opportunity properly taken advantage of. I am Mr. Michael Ramsey, a representative and an attorney to Kenneth Lay, the former chairman…