Month: April 2005

  • Denny Creek Slippery Slab

    Hiked On: April 24, 2005 Weather Conditions: Approximately 65°F, clear skies Elevation: 2300-2800' Distance from Seattle: Just shy of 50 miles Pictures: Here Forest Service: Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, part of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area After a 3 month or so hiking hiatus, we've started up again, and decided that we should take it…

  • The Snooze Button

    I think in the last two weeks I've been hitting the snooze button (5 minute separations) an average of 9 times every morning. Now, the pressing issue – should I just get up when the alarm goes off initiallly at it's current time, or do I set the alarm clock back 45 minutes and then…

  • New Pope – and what’s with the Swiss Guards

    Well, looks like we have a new pope – Pope Benedict XVI. Watching all this, though, I can't help but notice the Swiss Guards. With outfits like they wear, it's a good thing the country has been neutral – they'd obviously get creamed in a war.

  • Security Perspective on Papal Elections

    Found this gem on Bruce Schneier's blog that details his assessment on the security implications and risks around the Papal Election. (In other news – why do I want to type Papal with an “e” instead of an “a” as in Pap*e*l? I don't get it.)

  • Big Changes in the Big 12?

    Browsing CNN last night led me to this article about the Arkansas coach (whose name is Houston Nutt; insert humor here) forcing his players to wear pink when they goofed-off. The coaching team stopped this after people made some claims that the breast cancer support would be offended by this. Up to this point, the…