Month: March 2005

  • Identity Theft, Credit Reporting, etc.

    Had breakfast with a few colleagues this weekend and we're all privacy-intrigued people, and we ended up talking about the whole ChoicePoint fiasco a few weeks back. Well, I'm reading the news today and stumble across this article talking about how Equifax will be highlighting their “Credit Watch” product, a kind of insurance/notification system of […]

  • Happy Pi Day!

    Happy Pi day to all out there.. (Pi = 3.1415926, today is March 14th — 3-14 =~ Pi. It's a stretch, but I like it).

  • Tax by the Mile

    From Monty comes an article about some states' plans to turn the gas-tax into a per-mile-driven tax. The reasoning is that hybrid cars drive the same amount, but pay less in gas-tax so the states lose money for road maintenance. I counter-argue that all those gas-guzzling H2's and such on the road will counter that. […]

  • New Stuff on the Site

    Added a Book Queue over there on the right ( powered by MTBookQueueToo and MTAmazon ) and finally have a dynamically created Blogroll (powered by a beta of MT Blogroll, which doesn't have a homepage yet.) Oh, and Jeff pointed this out today online. Pretty damned sweet — a genetic sequence browser for various species' […]