MT Upgrade Woes

Well, after another MT upgrade this last week, I broke the install again with the Storable module's breaking with regard to 56-bit vs. 64-bit storage (I think — I plan to research this more later today..). Every time I upgrade, I forget to patch lib/MT/, so I figured I'd document the required steps here, as it seems I'm not the only one having this problem.

Edit lib/MT/, after line 9, add the following:

 $Storable::interwork_56_64bit = 1;

Alton Brown Book Signing!

This evening, Alton Brown blessed Seattle with his presence at the Elliott Bay Book Company. Diann & I waited in line before his talk for about two hours, and waited afterwards for another hour or so to get some autographs. He was there to discuss I'm Just Here for More Food , his new book (ISBN 1584793414). Of note, make sure to read his errata page before using many of the recipes — especially the pizza dough recipe that states to use Aspirin instead of Vitamin C tablets. 🙂

Alton talked for about an hour, humoring the packed-in crowd with stories from his childhood and about his TV show, and even took questions from the audience afterwards. The guy rules.

Pictures were taken, as well, since my Nikon SB-800 made it back from repair just last week!

As Seen on TV!

So, being a relatively tech-savvy person geek and a child of the 80's and 90's, I remember seeing those ads on TV where you could call a number, order something, pay “just three easy installments of $19.95 plus shipping and handling” and have it in “four to six weeks”. Now, this being the 21st century and all, I'm quite used to clicking on a web page and having the thing I want ship the same day, or the next day at the latest.

So, periodically I still see things for sale on TV. Time-Life selling a random magazine, some phoney mint selling some phoney coins (no offense meant to those of you who collect these types of things), and they still take “four to six weeks” for delivery. What gives? Did these companies completely miss out on the technological advances of the 90's that is supply chain management? Are they holding out for “the next big thing” — teleportation of goods?

I need to write up a business plan to start a company that markets stuff on TV; then I could staff the call center with people Customer Service Engineers just clicking their way through Amazon and promise to have stuff delivered within days.

Phase 1: Sell stuff on TV
Phase 2: …
Phase 3: Profit!

Little Si

Hiked On: January 9, 2005
Weather Conditions: Approximately 35-40°F, clear skies with occasional high-level fog
Elevation: 480-1576'
Distance from Seattle: 30 miles
Pictures: Here
Forest Service: Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

Diann & I picked up this hike based on a recommendation from a new book we picked up received as an xmas gift (Thanks CK and MK!) that is published by the Mountaineers ( 55 Hikes Around Snoqualmie Pass Mountains-to-Sound Greenway , ISBN 0898867770). The hike was approximately 5 miles round trip. The weather for today's hike was about as good as you can expect in the heart of winter in the Pacific Northwest, and we were glad to have some company on the trail in the form of our friends Micha and Dylan. The trail was in good condition, but as mentioned several places online gets pretty steep for the last 15-20 minutes of the climb. It took us approximately 30 minutes to get to the trailhead from Seattle and about 3 hours of hiking (and an hour at the top enjoying the view and snacks) to do the round-trip.

Congratulations NASA and ESA!

Today marks mankinds first visit to Titan, one of Saturn's moons. Article from notes that landing confirmation occurred at 11:35AM EST.

UPDATE: ESA says that the first pictures should be up at 11:45AM PST

UPDATE: CNN has a picture from Huygens on the front page! No pictures from the ESA or JPL yet.

UPDATE: ESA and JPL have pictures now.

Snowshoeing in Snoqualmie Pass

Diann & I went snowshoeing up at Snoqualmie Pass this past Saturday at the Winter Trails Day event sponsored by the Seattle Mountaineers branch. It was pretty fun, actually, considering neither of us had ever been snowshoeing. Several snowshoe manufacturers were on-hand to let people try out their snowshoes ( MSR, Tubbs, Atlas and Red Feather ) so we got to check out a variety of types and brands of snowshoes. REI was on-hand to give how-to lessons and little 30 minute tours throughout the forest in Snoqualmie. While there, it was lightly snowing and we were snowshoeing through a good 18-24″ of very dry powder. Turnout was mentioned to be not as good in years past, but there was a Seahawks playoff game happening at the same time (which they, of course, couldn?t hold on to the lead again and subsequently lost).

All in all, an enjoyable experience that pretty much seals the deal on us paying for membership in the Mountaineers. Oh, Washington Trails Association ( WTA ) was also on-hand too.

UPDATE: Some pictures from the area are available here ; however, there are no actual snowshoeing pictures. 🙁


On the way to work this morning, the bus drove by some interesting graffiti that said “Hells Angles Forever”. Funny, I didn't know that graffiti painters were into geometry!