Month: June 2004

  • SCUBA Trip to Lake Bryan

    So, some friends lost a sail boat rudder in Lake Bryan a few weeks ago, so some friends (Jeff, Marc, Brad, Phil, and Zach) and I decided to conduct a salvage dive operation. Jeff has a pretty good writeup here about the dive, but he failed to mention the carrying of scuba gear about half-a-mile […]

  • Marius: 3, Birds: 0

    Well, Diann and I were driving around the other day and a bird flies out and hits our side-mirror. That's the third bird I've killed driving in the last 2 years. One in New Mexico in the Mustang, one somewhere around here in Diann's truck (it even got stuck to the radiator!) and finally one […]

  • MTOtherBlog Failure

    Well, since upgrading to MT 3.0D, MTOtherBlog has failed, as some of you may have noticed by my Static Categories list vanishing off the right. Guess I need to drop a note to the MTOtherBlog author; hopefully s/he's not one of the people bailing on MT since the 3.0 licensing brouhaha. UPDATE: Yep, it's official, […]