SCUBA Trip to Lake Bryan

So, some friends lost a sail boat rudder in Lake Bryan a few weeks ago, so some friends (Jeff, Marc, Brad, Phil, and Zach) and I decided to conduct a salvage dive operation.

Jeff has a pretty good writeup here about the dive, but he failed to mention the carrying of scuba gear about half-a-mile down a road. And when Jeff said it was dark in the lake, he wasn't kidding. I bought a new dive light that was the brightest carried by the local SCUBA shop since I knew it would be murky; if I went down 10' deep, held the light at arm's length and pointed it back at myself, I could not see any evidence of a light in front of me.

I have found a new respect for the blind.

Marius: 3, Birds: 0

Well, Diann and I were driving around the other day and a bird flies out and hits our side-mirror. That's the third bird I've killed driving in the last 2 years. One in New Mexico in the Mustang, one somewhere around here in Diann's truck (it even got stuck to the radiator!) and finally one more in College Station in the Murano. Three cars, three bird deaths.

MTOtherBlog Failure

Well, since upgrading to MT 3.0D, MTOtherBlog has failed, as some of you may have noticed by my Static Categories list vanishing off the right. Guess I need to drop a note to the MTOtherBlog author; hopefully s/he's not one of the people bailing on MT since the 3.0 licensing brouhaha.

UPDATE: Yep, it's official, David Raynes says that OtherBlog is going the way of the dodo and he's going to release MultiBlog to take over for the 3.0 days..