Month: May 2004

  • holy crap NYC

    Wow, so much for a person's rights when out in public. Thousands of foreign tourists to be fined, I'm sure. NYC transit officials are considering banning photography in subway, buses, and metro rail citing “security”. This has gone way too far. How fitting that the RNC will be in NY this year? Full article available…

  • climb everest? That doesn’t take too long, does it?

    According to CNN, a Nepalese Sherpa scaled Mt. Everest in 8 hours and 10 minutes. I thought I was doing good to complete the old 20 minute mile. No mention of whether he started at base camp or one of higher camps, anyone have any ideas? KATHMANDU, Nepal (CNN) — A Nepalese Sherpa has broken…

  • good news!

    Had two bits of good news happen to me today… The haircut place did not trim my eyebrows this time. Guess I'm not “old” anymore. The local McDonald's still asked me if I wanted to supersize my meal. Life goes on…

  • movable type 3.0D

    Brad Choate sums up the new Movable Type licensing methods pretty well in a post over at his blog. I've done the upgrade. Quite painless coming from 2.661, and the Plugins Manager even works with it.

  • gas prices that don’t stop

    looks like I'll be without legs soon if I have to keep refueling the Murano… (image from CNN)

  • are they watching?

    is big brother watching? While talking to Bill last night on IRC, I decided to go through my web server logs to check out what government and military agencies have browsed my website. It's an interesting list, hit read more to find out.