the new year is almost upon us

Just browsing CNN a few moments ago, and noticed that the NASDAQ is fittingly closing the year at 2003.37. Not quite 2004, but almost there. It's neat how some things just happen to work out.

Happy new year everyone, and don't blow yourselves up tonight with fireworks! 🙂


So, Diann & I were driving to Houston yesterday via the typical route (South Hwy 6. to 290 East for those of you curious) and we were cruising at about 70-72 MPH. Speed limit was 65 MPH and everyone in the pack of cars around us was doing the same speed as we were.

So, we're driving through Prarie View, and a cop in the center media turns on his lights and honks his horn at me, so I go to pull over, and he pulls in beside me.

Here's the transcript that follows:

Cop: “Reason I pulled you over is because I clocked you at 84.”

Me: “Umm, I was going 70-72 along with everyone else.”

Cop: “Then why'd you pull over?”

Me: “Umm, maybe because you had your lights on and were honking your horn at me?”

Cop: “Can I see your license and proof of insurance, please?”

Me: (hands it over)

Cop: “Well, I'm gonna let you go with a warning today.”

WTF? Either his radar detector was way out of whack, or he's just harassing people. It's fairly obvious he didn't actually clock me at 84 or I definitely would've gotten a ticket.

hooray for making the family nerdier

Well, now that finals are over, I had no further excuse to prevent the inevitable de-grinching of our house — Diann was forcing me into buying a Christmas tree. 🙂

Well, so we hooked up the Christmas tree last night, ran the lights (only 300 this year; no Griswald Family Tree this year). However, if I can't be a Grinch, at least I can still be a nerd. So, I decided to use some leftover X10 gear to set the tree up for remote control lighting. I still wasn't satisfied.

Phase 1: Make Christmas Tree Remote Control.

Phase 2: …

Phase 3: Profit!

No, seriously. Phase 2: setup my FreeBSD box and `cron` to automatically turn on and off the remote control. I love being nerdy. Oh, and lazy.

Phase 3: … Yeah, so there's not a Phase 3. I didn't collect underpants anyway.

So, that part of the nerdiness is in. Then Christopher (my little brother) wants to setup a website, so I helped him get an install of Movable Type going. It's hosted here on my box, and viewable here. Welcome to the world of Blogs, Christopher!

technology, she is grand

Imagine this: guy gets pulled over for expired car registration. Grabs cell phone, calls friend, registers car online. Avoids car towing. This is absolutely beautiful. (Thanks for the link, Micah)

That is all for now.