So, Diann & I were driving to Houston yesterday via the typical route (South Hwy 6. to 290 East for those of you curious) and we were cruising at about 70-72 MPH. Speed limit was 65 MPH and everyone in the pack of cars around us was doing the same speed as we were.

So, we're driving through Prarie View, and a cop in the center media turns on his lights and honks his horn at me, so I go to pull over, and he pulls in beside me.

Here's the transcript that follows:

Cop: “Reason I pulled you over is because I clocked you at 84.”

Me: “Umm, I was going 70-72 along with everyone else.”

Cop: “Then why'd you pull over?”

Me: “Umm, maybe because you had your lights on and were honking your horn at me?”

Cop: “Can I see your license and proof of insurance, please?”

Me: (hands it over)

Cop: “Well, I'm gonna let you go with a warning today.”

WTF? Either his radar detector was way out of whack, or he's just harassing people. It's fairly obvious he didn't actually clock me at 84 or I definitely would've gotten a ticket.

hooray for making the family nerdier

Well, now that finals are over, I had no further excuse to prevent the inevitable de-grinching of our house — Diann was forcing me into buying a Christmas tree. 🙂

Well, so we hooked up the Christmas tree last night, ran the lights (only 300 this year; no Griswald Family Tree this year). However, if I can't be a Grinch, at least I can still be a nerd. So, I decided to use some leftover X10 gear to set the tree up for remote control lighting. I still wasn't satisfied.

Phase 1: Make Christmas Tree Remote Control.

Phase 2: …

Phase 3: Profit!

No, seriously. Phase 2: setup my FreeBSD box and `cron` to automatically turn on and off the remote control. I love being nerdy. Oh, and lazy.

Phase 3: … Yeah, so there's not a Phase 3. I didn't collect underpants anyway.

So, that part of the nerdiness is in. Then Christopher (my little brother) wants to setup a website, so I helped him get an install of Movable Type going. It's hosted here on my box, and viewable here. Welcome to the world of Blogs, Christopher!